Woman realises Paul McCartney photobombed her in viral TikTok video

A woman was left speechless after spotting a very famous photobomber in one of her holiday snaps.

TikTok user Mae Archie shared a video of the moment that she discovered the celebrity in the background of a photo taken of her on a street in New York.

In the photo, Ms Archie can be seen making her way across the zebra crossing, and just metres away from her is Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney.

Even more bizarrely, Ms Archie had been on her way back from an exhibit about The Beatles at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

But unfortunately for The Beatles fan, she didn’t spot her idol until after she got back home.

She posted her incredible reaction to the photo discovery on TikTok.

“Taking pictures in NYC then realising when I get home THE Paul McCartney photobombed me,” she wrote.

Ms Archie said she was “freaking out” at having seen the snap.

“I just left the MET to see the Play It Loud exhibit and was legit looking at the Beatles set and everything,” she added.

She explained that after taking the snap she had briefly caught Sir Paul’s eye and tried to “figure out where she knew him from” – and claimed he “winked” at her.

Her followers were equally amazed, with one commenting: “You walked past a legend.”

“Out of all the spots to photobomb, just like the Abbey Road cover,” said another, referencing the cover of the 1969 album that features The Beatles walking along the famous zebra crossing outside Abbey Road Studios in London.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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