What’s behind Zac Efron’s ‘new’ cheeks and jawline, according to experts


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  • Zac Efron surprised fans after appearing on Facebook with swollen cheeks and a more prominent jaw.
  • Fans speculated the actor may have gotten cosmetic surgery.
  • Efron’s altered appearance is nothing to make fun of, according to experts.
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Zac Efron surprised the internet during a Facebook Watch appearance over the weekend, revealing a different-looking face than the one that graced the halls of “High School Musical.”

The actor’s face appeared to have changed shape, with a much more prominent jawline and larger lips.

Many Twitter users speculated Efron, who appeared on Facebook Watch for “Bill Nye’s Earth Day Musical,” might have gotten cosmetic surgery.

Dermatologist Dr. Muneeb Shah told Insider it’s hard to say exactly what procedures Efron had done, if any.

“It does appear that his jaw, chin, and lips are more prominent. A few things can give this appearance: implants, dermal filler, or even the results of steroid / HGH use,” Muneeb said. “Some people even speculate that he had dental surgery, which I think is much less likely.”

Dr. Anthony Young, a plastic surgeon, suggested that Efron may have gotten his wisdom teeth removed, which can cause swelling of the jaw and cheeks.

“I actually think he’s had dental surgery, not plastic surgery and that’s why he’s swollen in these areas,” Young said in a TikTok.

We should be wary of speculating about the health of celebrities

Chadwick Boseman wearing a uniform: Chadwick Boseman was remembered at the Golden Globes. Emma McIntyre/Getty

© Emma McIntyre/Getty
Chadwick Boseman was remembered at the Golden Globes. Emma McIntyre/Getty

Muneeb told Insider while it can be fun to speculate, people should be careful before jumping to conclusions about a celebrity’s personal life, especially their health.

When actor Chadwick Boseman appeared to have lost a significant amount of weight in 2020, people were quick to point it out without realizing the “Black Panther” star was fighting a private battle with colorectal cancer.

“Either way, if [Efron] did have work done, it just goes to show that all of us, regardless of how we are perceived by the public, have things that we may want to improve or change,” Muneeb said.

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