Weight Loss Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice

I’m no stranger to the sun. Growing up, I was outside playing all day every day. Although my skin was used to the sun’s harsh rays, I often ended up sun burnt. The sting of the burn and the itch of the skin was always an unpleasant feeling, but my grandmother always soothed it with Aloe Vera.

The sap from Aloe Vera acts like a pain reliever and it reduces inflammation. So I’ve always known that Aloe Vera leaves had its benefits. But drinking it? That’s news to me.

I recently ordered a protein shake from an organic health food store and the lady asked if I wanted Aloe Vera juice in it. The confused look on my face lead her to explain the question deeper.

She educated me on the benefits of Aloe Vera juice. I learned that, just like in my childhood, the ingredients in the juice serve as an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. It tremendously helps your joints and their flexibility.

The benefits of drinking this juice also include that it is filled with mucopolysaccharide, which are the amino sugars needed for producing more body cells.

Supports a Healthy Immune System

I was also informed that drinking Aloe Vera juice improves your immune system. And with the change of the seasons coming up, who wouldn’t want to strengthen their immune system? Furthermore, anyone who has chronic immune disorders will love this juice because it helps stimulate your white blood cells, which fend off viruses.

Helps Aide Weight Loss

And last but certainly not least, this surprising juice helps weight loss! How is a drink beneficial to your weight loss, you ask? Well let me tell you. Aloe Vera juice is a natural diuretic. It helps relieve people with constipation, yet slows the process of diarrhea down. Two for one!

I was so happy that a health food expert informed me about the benefits of this juice because I probably wouldn’t have even thought to try it. I suppose the Aloe Vera plant isn’t only good for sunburns.

This juice tends to have a strong tart taste. If you can’t handle the straight shot, mix it into your shakes and fruit juices.

I’ve realized that I love the benefits of this juice and add it to my daily diet every chance I get. The suggested serving size of this juice is 2-8 ounces per day, which you could spread out to a couple ounces with each meal. And remember that organic is always recommended.

Source by Ingrid Macher

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