The two annoyingly famous men missing from new video

Qantas may have just released an impressive new in-flight safety video that tracks its glorious 100-year history, but Australians seem more preoccupied by what’s not in the video — the two coffee-buying expats from the last one.

The new eight-minute safety video unveiled yesterday marks Qantas’ centenary by showing how much aviation has changed from the 1920s to now.

The elaborate production uses exact replicas of Qantas aircraft, cabin and uniforms — including a few eye-popping mullets — from the past century.

The release of the video of course means Qantas will no longer screen the previous safety video, which featured Australians travelling and living overseas.

For those who haven’t seen the last one, which launched in 2018, it featured a couple of Aussie blokes in London ordering two flat whites — “double shots, mate” — from a barista after what was presumably a big night for them both.

The pair’s nine-second appearance left a resounding impression on frequent flyers who tended to be either charmed or completely irritated by them.

Now the “coffee boys” have been axed from our in-flight entertainment screens, Aussies have noticed — and are split between mourning and rejoicing.

The nostalgic new safety video recreates previous ages of flying, from the 1920s through to the 2010s, and captures milestones in the history of Qantas and aviation generally.

It took three weeks of filming and 12 months in production, and will be screened to the airline’s 55 million passengers.

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“This safety video is a look back at the different styles of aircraft, service and uniforms that have been part of our long history,” Qantas Group chief executive officer Alan Joyce said in a statement.

“And it calls out the contribution Qantas and its people have made to aviation, like the invention of the slide raft, as well as the national carrier’s role in connecting Australia to the world.”

The safety instructions in the video are delivered by current Qantas crew as well as Alastair Fysh, the grandson of Qantas co-founder Sir Hudson Fysh.

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