Teavalize Diet

Did you know that on average we drink 22% daily calories intake, how much weight would you lose if you cut your calories intake in 22%, have you hear the buzz about the amazing benefits of drinking green and oolong tea, from weight loss and age reversal the reports continues appear in daily base, celebrities and experts are agree, tea is hot and healthy.

What is making Hollywood and the nation hot for tea Teavalize, with its amazing crystal clear infuser everyone would be asking what is that?


Whatever if you are drinking the oolong boost in the morning for energy and metabolic boost or the extremely rear pu’rer after meal easy digestion you and everyone around you will know you are doing something healthy.

Drinking calories free teas may not only increase your metabolism, reverse aging, promote weight loss, you also stop to drink calories.

Are you ready to join celebrities like Debra Messing, Eva Mendes, Courteney Cox, Alicia Silverstone and Eric Dane who all try Teavalize?

Through the day when you drink let say coffee, normal tea, and all kind of beverages you are actually drinking a lot of calories, so if you replace that by drinking teavalize, you are taking only a few calories.

Margarita in a pint glass with 550 calories

Starbucks Caffe Latte Espresso (16 ounces) has two version the first one whole milk has 260 calories and the second one fat free version still has 160 calories which is too much calories.

And what about diet coke, it should has very little calories, the answer is no.

Rum and Diet Coke (1 oz. rum) still at 65 calories.

One tablespoon of sugar has 48 calories. So if you would like to save all these calories, has a lot of energy, lose weight and drink anti anging tea, Teavalize is for you.

Source by Richard Greem

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