Survey says Australia one of world leaders in women Airbnb hosts


Aussie women are leading the way as female Airbnb hosts, with a new survey revealing the staggering figures they have earned during the coronavirus pandemic.

The new survey from online rental management company Airbnb has revealed four Australian cities cracked the global list of top 10 cities by representation of female hosts.

Between 13 regions across Queensland, NSW, Western Australia and Victoria, the survey estimates Australian female hosts have earned more than $25 million since March last year.

Queensland’s balmy Gold Coast is tied for second place in the worldwide ranking.

Lynette Jackson, who hosts an Airbnb at Highland Park on the Gold Coast, says bookings were still busy even at the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

Ms Jackson and her husband initially thought of buying a separate unit but began investing in their house as a way of giving back to visitors.

Her Airbnb, which she has run for the last five and a half years, currently has bookings all the way through to July.

Ms Jackson said hundreds of people had stayed with them over the last year, many returning for family reunions.

“Many of the people come for family reunions but, before COVID-19, we had a lot of international tourists come and stay with us,” she said.

“It’s the people you meet, whether international or Australian visitors, that are really lovely.

“Friendliness seems to be the big thing.

“We really put the effort into making sure it’s spotless and try to make it seem like the guests are the first person coming in.”

The survey found almost 65 per cent of hosts in Australia are women, with the Gold Coast’s rate of female hosts standing at 67 per cent.

Brisbane is tied for 8th place (61 per cent), Perth is tied for 9th (60 per cent) and Melbourne is tied for 10th in the global ranking (59 per cent).

Across 13 different regions, Australian female hosts with one listing who began hosting on Airbnb since March last year have collectively earned an estimated $25,239,000, the survey reveals.

Queensland’s Sunshine Coast had the highest earnings of more than $3.3 million.

Sydney’s earnings totalled more than $2.3 million while Brisbane and Perth racked up in excess of $886,000 and $887,000 respectively.

Ms Jackson said other local businesses benefited from her visiting families as they would shop nearby and use local venues like restaurants and supermarkets.

Susan Wheeldon, Airbnb’s country manager for Australia and New Zealand, said female hosts are helping pump precious tourism dollars into struggling economies.

She said they were playing a major role in the economic recovery of their communities and were earning income to combat rising living costs, pay down mortgages and secure their financial future.

“It’s incredibly inspiring to see so many entrepreneurial women using our platform to not only secure their financial future, but make a huge contribution to local businesses and economic recovery efforts,” Ms Wheeldon said.

“The tourism dollars they bring in help support job growth, which in turn benefits thousands of women across the country.”


  • NSW Mid North Coast – more than $2,152,000
  • Sunshine Coast, QLD – more than $3,364,000
  • Brighton, VIC – more than $1,402,000
  • Perth, WA – more than $886,000
  • Melbourne, VIC – more than $775,000
  • Byron Bay, NSW – more than $3,143,000
  • Brisbane, QLD – more than $877,000
  • Mornington Peninsula, VIC – more than $1,790,000
  • Gold Coast/Tweed, QLD – more than $1,765,000
  • Great Ocean Road, VIC – more than $2,361,000
  • NSW Central Coast – more than $1,952,000
  • Jervis Bay, NSW – more than $2,452,000
  • Sydney, NSW – more than $2,320,000


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