Stay at Home Mom Business Ideas Based on Your Unique Background


Stay at home mom business ideas scream out from ads and websites. But what kind of business should you start? What opportunity would best fit with you, your background, your family and your life?

Choosing a business is a process of discovery. If you're going to succeed with a business, you need to choose something that meshes with who you are and what opportunities and challenges you face. It doesn't make sense to set up a business that requires 80 hours a week if you only have time to work while your baby is napping. It doesn't make sense to limit yourself to a typing business if you can't stand spending time at the computer. And it certainly doesn't make sense to earn $ 8 an hour if you could be making $ 40 or $ 150 an hour or more.

Juggling life and career can be a challenge. But it becomes easier if you can take stock of your personal qualifications. That's why I recommend doing a personal inventory of your skills, work experience, life experience, education, training, family situation and more. In doing so, you can start to evaluate all the opportunities out there – and put "mom" and "entrepreneur" together to become a mompreneur.

Doing a personal inventory can be as easy as making a list or mindmap of your background, interests and opportunities. But developing a personal inventory may be easier if you work through a workbook or guide that helps you identify and address key areas. Ideally, your personal inventory will help you look at the income potential for the business, too.

So, before you commit to a new business opportunity, take some time to see if it really suits you and your family. By doing so, you may save yourself time and money – and instead choose a business that delivers financial and life rewards.


Source by Andrea Coutu