Starting A Business – Some Things To Keep In Mind

There are many things that are required to run a successful business. To have a business that you can hang your hat on, I would recommend that you keep these ideas in mind.

1) Build something that you believe in

I learn a huge lesson from owning a company for 5 years. When you are in your dark basement thinking about why your business in not producing in the way you would want it to, there is only one thing that powered me forward, and that was the belief in my purpose.

2) Don’t aim for small changes, be radical with your improvements.

In today’s time, we have incredible products and services through entrepreneurship. I strongly recommend that you keep detailed statistics as far as marketing, profits, and costs. When you stay on top on your statistics, you can track the areas where you need improvements.

3) If you become successful, anticipate copiers

When an idea starts to see success, people all over the world are trying to get in on the action by copying everything you are offering. Although it is unfair, I recommend that you constantly find ways to separate yourself from the pack of copy cats.

4) Save your money, so it can save you later

Although this is powerful advice, it is very hard to do. When I had my start-up, it felt like it was taking all my money. One of the main reasons why my company is still standing is because I kept a strong savings account to cover my losses.

5) Rome was not built in a day

Starting a business from scratch is extremely time consuming. According to Forbes, most companies break even after the fifth year. What that means is, on average, most companies are straight losing money for five years and do not see profit to about 5 to

7 years.

6) Make sure you are saving your time

It is important to do some careful research on the industry you are a part of. For example, I am a part of the telecommunications industry and I made it a priority to look at the history of companies in my industry. I looked at they survival rates to determine if they can stand the test of time.

7) Consult with your loved ones

When you decide to start a company, your family gets the pros and cons with what comes with starting a company. If your family is opposed to taking the cons of starting a company, then it will make things that much harder for you.

Source by Marc-Eddy Drouinaud Jr

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