Small Business Ideas For Under $ 100 – Make Your Own Website For Free and Cash In!


Looking for small business ideas that you can profit from immediately? Why not make your own website, and cash in on the many lucrative business opportunities that exist for budding entrepreneurs on the net? An online business is a perfect extra income opportunity for Moms, college students, retirees and just about anyone else who would like to enjoy the financial freedom and flexibility that a web based business provides. In fact, many are earning a substantial, full time living on the internet. You can too! Let's explore 5 ways you can have the same success on a bootstrapper's budget.

1. Get Started by Making a Website: Investment – $ 0

Before you can have online success with any of the small business ideas we'll be discussing, you'll need a website. Why pay out hard earned money, when you can easily learn to make your own website? Here's what you can do:

  • Get a free web template at
  • Explore free website hosting options at
  • Find graphics and photos for your site for free at

2. Drive Traffic to Your Site: Investment – $ 0

Learning how to make your own website is just a starting point. Now you need to draw visitors to your site. Getting traffic to your site is simple in principle, but it does require due diligence. You'll have to put into practice proven strategies to ensure your success. Thankfully, you can bootstrap by taking advantage of free methods to help you drive traffic to your website for free. Here are just a couple:

  • Search Optimize your site and benefit from free, organic traffic from search engines.
  • Write articles and post them to article directories, like Ezine Articles.

3. Get Legal!

Starting a business online is still starting a business, and Uncle Sam wants his share. It is best to do things right from the start, by setting up your new enterprise legally. This is much easier than you may think. You can set up shop as a sole proprietor, and operate under your own name. Keep in mind, you will need to report any income you earn online to the IRS.

4. Make Money Online: Investment – $ 0

Now that you've learned how you can make your own website for free, let's explore the top small business ideas for anyone just starting out with an online business:

  • Affiliate Marketing – check out
  • Google AdSense – place ads on your website or blog and get paid for clicks.
  • Open an Online Store – check out Café Press and eBay (they're FREE!)

5. Find More Absolutely Free Business Resources: Investment – $ 47

Starting an online business for under $ 100 is possible, if you have the know-how. Bootstrapping is the key! This is just a small sampling of the many free products and services available to new entrepreneurs. You can find many more absolutely free sources of business start up funding, to help you to start your new small business off right.

Forget about BIG bank loans. Bootstrap your business! You can have a lucrative business, by finding small business ideas that require very little money to start. Don't wait another minute – Get your small business started TODAY! Find the money you need by bootstrapping.


Source by Kimberly Kelly