Scott Morrison says domestic holidays may be back on cards by July

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has addressed Australia’s stance on domestic travel, declaring the country will likely be able to travel interstate by July.

While Australia’s borders might remain closed to the rest of the world, Mr Morrison said our state and territories could be reopening their internal ones sooner than expected.

“As the borders fall internally, and Australians can hopefully soon return to domestic holidays and to move around the country more widely – particularly with school holidays coming up again in July – we’re reminded that the net tourism imports to Australia is just over $20 billion a year,” Mr Morrison said.

“That means that, after you take account of international tourists coming here, and Australians going overseas, that there is an import, net import factor, of just over $20 billion.

“Now, that’s up for grabs for Australian domestic tourism operators.”

Mr Morrison said there would be a unit effort to improve domestic tourism.

“Australians who might otherwise go elsewhere, that is a very large market, and that will be targeted. And I had that discussion with the Minister for Tourism this week, and to work with Tourism Australia and the other state and territory agencies that are responsible for tourism, to focus on seeing that realised as our domestic tourism industry gets back on its feet, which will be an important employer, particularly in regional areas.”

Mr Morrison’s comments come as Tourism Australia launch the “Live from Aus” virtual campaign, which will kick off on Friday, May 15 with a one-hour TV special in conjunction with The Project on Network Ten.

From Saturday morning, the campaign will be streamed on Tourism Australia’s social media pages, featuring well-known Aussies shining a light on different travel experiences.

The virtual campaign is designed to provide Australians with ideas for when domestic travel restrictions lift by showing off the country’s wildlife, landscapes, food and wine and indigenous arts and cultural experiences.

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