Qld police investigating Twitter boasts about border cross


Queensland’s top cop has slammed Lyle Shelton for wasting police resources after the Christian lobbyist took to social media to brag about allegedly pulling off a “sneaky run” into Queensland.

The anti-same sex marriage campaigner tweeted four pictures of himself at a Queensland beach on Sunday, writing “Sneaky run across the border and back. Avoided the CCP virus police.”

Social media users immediately hit back, some asking if he had just admitted to breaking the law.

Queensland Police also replied to the tweet, writing “we are aware of this tweet and are making further enquiries.”

Speaking to media on Monday, QPS commissioner Katarina Carroll said police had spoken to Mr Shelton, and found he did indeed have the necessary permit to cross into Queensland.

“It was disappointing to see that tweet. When you see something like we need to put resources into it, which we have,” Ms Carroll said.

“He has been spoken to. He can cross the border … I understand he has a G pass.

“He thought it was funny, but it’s not. (Doing that) you’re taking away resources from other places.”

Police minister Mark Ryan echoed his disappointment in Mr Shelton’s wasting of police resources.

“There’s a saying: it’s better for people to think you’re an idiot than to open your mouth and confirm it,” he said.

“Maybe that’s an accurate application for Mr Shelton.”

Mr Shelton went on to write a follow up post, writing he had been happy to speak to officers to explain his run along the coast “from Coolangatta to the Tweed and back”.

“There were no checkpoints for joggers, walkers or lizards,” he wrote.

“I have not visited a hotspot. There is a valid debate re borders but I respect the role of our police.”

The former managing director of the Australian Christian Lobby spearheaded the “No” campaign ahead of the marriage equality referendum, and most recently has worked for Oodgeroo MP Mark Robinson.

Under current Queensland Health guidelines, anyone entering the Sunshine State from NSW must complete a border declaration pass to prove they have not been in Greater Sydney in the past 14 days.

Since Queensland closed its borders to the COVID-19 hotspot on December 21, a number of infringement notices have been handed out, including to five Sydney residents who allegedly lied their way into the state.

They were discovered in a Gold Coast holiday unit and marched to mandatory hotel quarantine.


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