Popular Ghanaian movies to watch in 2020


The vast Ghallywood industry has furnished us with a countless number of the latest Ghanaian movies that are no doubt worthy of some credit. For this last decade, the Ghanaian film industry has grown by leaps and bounds.

The growth stems from the widening number of Ghanaians and Africans in general who greatly adore these movies.

Also, the improved digital filming technologies have also boosted the appeal of these films. It is not a secret that most of the Ghanaian films have found their way into on all corners of the African continent.

Yvonne Nelson, John Dumelo are posing for a picture: Popular Ghanaian movies to watch in 2020

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Popular Ghanaian movies to watch in 2020

The family-oriented content coupled with infused African cultural have made the recent movies a cache in Ghanaian and diaspora’s living rooms. Have a look at these Ghanaian movies that are making headway in the Ghanaian cinema scene.

1. Endwene Bone – Part 1 and 2

It would be interestingly to note that this film was launched in the church just some days before 2018. The film features the legendary casts like the Kojo Nkansah Lilwin, Yaw Dabo, Akrobeto, Christiana Awuni, Original Nayas, Don Little to name a few.

The plot of this fantastic new film was a reenactment from a true life story that delves on issues surrounding parenting. Lilwin casts as a father who loves his daughter too much to the point of pampering her with the most comforting valuables life have to offer. Like fate would have it the daughter left the confines of her village in search of greener pastures. One thing led to another, and she found herself in love with Akrobeto. Basking on love, made her throw all caution to the wind. What makes the movie entertaining, is the unexpected turn of events. You can download Ghana movies or watch it below.

2. English Teacher

Just like the case with many Ghanaian films, the title doesn’t match the theme and plot of the movie. The movie stars the likes of kwadjo Nkansah, Emelia Brobbey, Akrobeto, Nana Ama Mcbrown, Bill Asamoah, Akyere Bruwa, Kyiewaa Rose Mensah and many more. 

You will appreciate the high quality graphics that has gone in piecing together the movie. It’s a Twi Ghana film that features a character who goes by the name, Bishop. Watch the movie to learn whether his audacious principles are commendable or not by all means.

3. The richest family in Ghana

This latest piece of Ghanaian Nigerian talent casts Kofi Adeorlolo, James Gardiner, and Galsoun Sinare.

The movie bases its plot on events of a wealthy family that finds itself in unimaginable upheaval as conflicts within the members threaten to tear them apart. The chief element is an impostor who has his eyes on the family’s enormous wealth. What a mix of thriller gripping events. Enjoy watching it online or search for Ghanaian movies download for this movie to watch it without the need for streaming.

4. The Prince and I

Making an appearance as the main cast is the talented Jackie Appiah. You can’t afford to miss such a brilliant movie.

Who can think of a situation where a beautiful young lady turned down the offer of a prince to follow her heart’s desires to be with another man of less social class? Well, that’s what Jackie does in this film. To her dismay, the man she fondly loves instigates endless abuse. An excellent enlightening movie on the plight of women undergoing physical violence on the hands of their better halves.

5. House Keepers

This 2018 film showcases, among the talented award-winning Ghallywood movies, stars like Kalsum Sinare, James Gardener, Kofi Adjorlolo, Vicky Zugah, Salma Mumin, Roselyn Ngissah, to name a few.

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This thought-gripping movie has a plot that revolves around a policewoman who transforms to a house girl as an undercover among a wealthy family. Unknown to the family, their fortunes are at risk of falling at the hands of the impostor.

6. Baabani

This movie is no doubt one of the new Ghana movies that shed light to the most extreme forms of cultural misappropriation that are common in many African communities A case in point highlighted in this movie is the early marriage of young girls. Like the film wishes to portray, this state of events robs the aspiring young girls the opportunity of education and equality.

It’s a very saddening and equally enlightening film that you can’t miss to watch.

7. Kae Nie Maye

If you adore watching Twi movies, you definitely will like this one. A family is at the center stage of unimaginable and nerve-wrecking turn of events that dog their marriage. A woman is seen as going against her husband and revealing the blurred lines of nuptial unions. Get prepared for unending drama before you hit the play button. Here is the Ghana movies download for this movie.

8. Adam and Eve

Don’t judge the book by its cover; the film is not religious as the title implies. We might agree that the title given by Time house productions was a wrong choice for this film, but the film is worth a watch. The talented Ingrid Alabi is one of the casts in this film.

The plot focuses on a couple facing challenges triggered by their unparalleled financial standing. The gentleman who happens to be more economically challenged tries unsuccessfully to balance his marriage that looks destined to fail. After changing residences to fix their unending differences, it dawns on them that the change was just synthetic. Watch as the humorous couple frantically strive to save their marriage.

9. First Class Liars

Sit backs and learn all the falsehoods that this female cast meets on her way in search of love. Firstly she gets deceived by a houseboy who fronts an American businessperson. Being heartbroken from the earlier relationship, she tries her second chance, only to be dumped again, this time by a wealthy (John Dumelo) who pretends to be poor.

Watch the events as they unfold between the various casts like: Jackie Appiah, Zubby Michael, Martha Ankomah, John Dumelo and many others.

10. Once upon the 80’s

If you love comedy films, then this is your best choice. The humorous scripted scenes are enough to keep you grinning the whole one hour. The film’s theme highlights the life that existed in the 80’s including the dressing and social norms.

Characters to feature in the film include Kofi Adorlolo, Kisa Ghekele, Umar Krupp, Hogan Gabriel, Prince Williams, Esi Hammond among others.

11. My beautiful wife set me up

The cast members to this film are Olu Jacobs, Marie Humbert, and Adjetey Anang. It is a Ghanaian/Nigerian movie.

“My beautiful wife set me up” is one of the blockbuster crime movies that focuses on a man identified to be a human organ trafficker. His activities that have cost the lives of innocent young boys triggers an undercover detective that unveils the face behind the crimes. A female detective befriends the notorious criminal who readily gives in. A blunder that later cost him.

12. Top Ghana Sexiest Ladies

Yvonne Nelson who casts as lady known as Sharon is fighting against the pressure from her father to head to the city. After push and shove that ensued, she gives in to her father’s demands and settles in an urban residence. In an exciting twist of unfortunate events, she learns the hard way that behind the glamour in the city is a cruel hand of devastation that she can’t escape.

13. First class madness

The greatest Ghanaian talents, Yvonne Nelson and John Dumelo, are cast in this latest film

Yvonne casts as a lady who is money-minded. Having stolen a stash of money from a wealthy man, she hopes to turn her life around. What she didn’t know is that karma would come back to haunt her. The desires to enrich herself turned chaotic as her little world started to cave in and eventually ruins her life together with her family. 


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