Orlando Bloom returns home ‘safely’ amidst coronavirus crisis

Orlando Bloom has returned home “safely” after production was suspended on his show due to coronavirus. 

The 43-year-old actor – whose fiancee Katy Perry is expecting their first child together – was sent home to be with his family after the ‘Carnival Row’ producers decided to pull the plug on filming as a “precautionary measure” because of COVID-19.

Taking to his Instagram stories, he shared: “Hey guys, thank you all for your concern. Just to be clear, our production of Carnival Row season 2 was suspended by Legendary and Amazon Prime Video as a wise precautionary measure due to the events unfolding globally regarding COVID-19. There have been no reported cases of COVID-19 on our set or on our production. I feel very grateful to have arrived safely home to my family. Be safe and wash your hands!”

Orlando previously revealed he was heading to the US to be “quarantined”, after leaving Prague, where they were filming.

Orlando Bloom wearing a suit and tie

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Orlando Bloom

Orlando said: “It’s farewell from us as we’re going home to be quarantined … We’re coming home to the States, at least I’m coming home to the States because we want to get in before the quarantine. Big love everybody, stay safe out there. Self-quarantine. It seems really crazy actually this whole corona thing, but do the right thing by you and your family and stay safe. A few weeks, we’ll beat this bad boy.”

Meanwhile, Katy left Australia on Friday (13.03.20) after a 24-hour quarantine in her Sydney hotel and was forced to cancel a secret listening party amid the coronavirus crisis. The record label cancelled the listening party as a safety precaution for Katy and other members of staff as it was also reported that two people at Universal Music Australia’s HQ in Woolloomooloo was exposed to coronavirus.

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