Masturbation and Prostate Health: Could This Be the Link to Fighting Prostate Cancer?


Eat right! Exercise 60 minutes each day, every day! Lift weights three times per week! Start meditating! Ejaculate at least 21 times per month!

What… wait a second, what was that last one?

Studies are showing that men who ejaculate more are reducing their risk of prostate cancer. Still not sure if this is fact or fiction? Keep reading.

The Link Between Masturbation and Prostate Health

More and more studies suggest that regular ejaculation, like that done through masturbation, has been shown to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. So, just how much ejaculation is considered regular? A 2016 study established that men who ejaculated 21 times or more each month saw a 20 percent decrease in the likelihood of prostate cancer. Men should know this isn’t just some fly-by-night, two-month study of ten dudes.

This study went on for 18 years and profiled nearly 32,000 men.

A Harvard study also showed similar results but found a decreased risk of 33 percent.

Why does frequent ejaculation help fight prostate health? Scientists haven’t exactly pinned that down quite yet. The best theory they have thus far is the idea that it can flush out harmful chemicals that may accumulate in semen.

However, there are a Few Other Things to Note

Scientists haven’t totally proved the theory. There is a lot of evidence of a conclusive link between ejaculation and lowering the risk of prostate cancer. It’s very possible that men who live healthier lifestyles have stronger libido, stronger erections, and potentially attract more partners than those who don’t exercise regularly, eat well, and practice stress and mental health management.

Also, ejaculation doesn’t protect the most deadly or advanced types of prostate cancer. Scientists aren’t sure why.

There’s also the type of ejaculation to consider. Hard to believe, but scientists believe all ejaculation is not created equal. The semen makeup differs in sex-related ejaculation and masturbation-related ejaculation. For example, sex adjacent ejaculation has higher levels of sperm and other chemicals. Potentially, this could affect the masturbation and prostate health link if masturbation doesn’t clear the same level of waste from the body as sex.

Here’s the Rub… Literally

Also, other smaller studies are showing that age makes a huge difference in the specific link between masturbation and prostate health arena. Findings are that men in their 20’s and 30’s who masturbate frequently are actually at a higher risk of developing prostate cancer. This bumps up against men in their 50’s who are part of the Self-Love Society who reduce their risk. On top of that, ejaculation through sexual contact was the same for both age groups and reduced prostate cancer risk. No word yet on why there’s a difference.

In Summary

No one is exactly sure why frequent masturbation and prostate health are linked. The main theory believes it may have something to do with the seminal fluid that’s expelled during orgasm. It’s possible it rids the prostate tissue from things that cause cancer, infection, and inflammation.

Bottom Line: choke the chicken, play five on one, or give yourself a hand to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. It’s a fun way to promote penis health and relieve stress.

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Source by John Dugan