Man caught with over $AU209k in cash after missing flight

Missing a flight is never fun, but for one traveller, it was an incredibly expensive mistake.

Authorities in Massachusetts confiscated a large sum of cash from a man at Logan Airport after he rebooked a missed flight. According to reports, after being questioned by various security and law officers, the man claimed to be carrying wildly different amounts of money.

According to a post on the Massachusetts State Police Facebook page, the suspect had booked a flight at Logan Airport this past weekend but missed it. He reportedly booked a second flight on the same day. The man’s specific destination has not been revealed, but authorities have identified it as a “source area for illegal narcotics”.

On Facebook, the Massachusetts State Police wrote, “As the passenger went through a TSA checkpoint he was questioned about a large quantity of US currency he was carrying, and stated that the amount was $US1500 ($A2260).

“When Massachusetts State Police Troopers from Troop F questioned the passenger subsequently, he claimed he was carrying $US40,000 ($A60,200) to $US50,000 ($A75,300) cash.”

The suspect reportedly continued to claim he was carrying larger amounts of money, reportedly telling MSP detectives that he was carrying between $US80,000 ($A120,600) and $US85,000 ($A128,150).

Authorities also say a state police dog, Duke, who is trained to detect narcotics, “showed a strong alert to the man’s belongings”.

Police eventually learned the man was carrying $US138,980 ($A209,000) in cash.

“Based on the totality of the circumstances, the money was held pending further investigation,” the Facebook post said. “The would-be passenger refused to sign a receipt for the secured currency and left the building, walking away from the money. The money will be subject to forfeiture proceedings.”

This article originally appeared on Fox News and was reproduced with permission

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