Lara Worthington’s slams mum’s ‘unacceptable’ hotel quarantine

Australian model Lara Worthington has hit out at NSW Health for putting her mum, who is showing “heavy symptoms” of COVID-19, into a “unacceptable” Sydney hotel.

Worthington, 32, posted four photos to Twitter showing the quarantine hotel her mother Sharon Bingle had been placed in as part of isolation measures for anyone returning to Australia. It is unclear where Mrs Bingle had been prior to quarantine.

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“I don’t think this looks like a 5 star accommodation to me,” she wrote on Twitter alongside four images of the Sydney hotel.

“The next 14 days here for my 63-year-old mum who is showing heavy symptoms. This is unacceptable.”

Worthington said in a private message to the hotel was called The Urban Newtown, which is classified as a “stylish boutique hotel accommodation in the heart of funky Newtown”.

“The main issue is that no one has given her or her family any contact numbers in case she feels worse,” Worthington wrote.

“She understands she must quarantine but people who have travelled back are being kept in the dark information wise.

Worthington told she was in the process of contacting NSW Health about her mother’s current situation.

“We understand everyone is in this together and has their own issues in these increasingly concerning times,” she wrote.

Worthington’s post was met with sympathy, with some saying the conditions were “disgraceful” and “terrible”.

Others, however, said that Mrs Bingle shouldn’t be in five-star luxury during the quarantine period.

“I’m not sure ‘we’re all in this together’ means we all get 5 star quarantine accommodation,” one wrote.

“Be thankful she had a roof over her head. No time to be precious,” another added. “I have no sympathy – there was no guarantee of 5 star accommodation.”

Since the weekend, thousands of Australians returning to airports around the country are being transported by police and military to hotels that will be their homes for the next two weeks during a forced quarantine to contain the spread of coronavirus.

About 3000 travellers who arrived in Sydney yesterday were taken to hotels around the city, including the swanky Swissotel, the Hilton, the Intercontinental and the budget Ibis.

Tens of thousands of hotel rooms around Australia will be used for quarantine as travellers continue to arrive home from overseas. In Melbourne, arrivals were taken to the four-star Crown Promenade and the Crown Metropol.

About 20,000 returned travellers are expected to arrive in the next week alone. About 1200 will return to Australia today.

While some returning travellers have been given some groceries and basic supplies, many are already complaining about the lack of fresh air and conditions not being good enough.

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has slammed returning Australians complaining about tough conditions under state-funded hotel quarantine, telling them to “stop their bloody whingeing”.

Bridget Lindsay and her boyfriend have just started their two-week quarantine at the Hilton hotel in Sydney after arriving on an American humanitarian flight back from Ecuador that cost the couple $14,000.

“It’s a lovely room, I’ll give it that,” Ms Lindsay told the ABC this morning.

“We’ve been given very strict guidelines. We’re not allowed to physically leave our room for the next 14 days. We’ve been given three meals a day, which is good.

“It’s quite confronting, actually, to see all these bans being put in place on us. It’s very, very isolating.”

Ms Lindsay said “I totally get it that we’re a risk to the community” but would have liked to be “treated a bit like a human”.

“We’ve been treated somewhat a little bit like animals, I feel, since yesterday from the airport,” she said.

“Shuttled into buses, (it) took us five hours to get here from Sydney International Airport. Yeah, so it’s a little bit hard to be honest because it’s just been such a big toll to actually get to Australia as well.

“Being locked up in a room is … It’s quite tough on us, to be honest, mentally and physically. It would be lovely if we could just have a bit of a space that we could actually go outside and enjoy the sunshine. Because for the last four days, I haven’t even seen the sunshine.” has contacted Collectic Hotels, owner of The Urban Newtown, for comment.

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