La Prairie, Quebec massive 200-car pileup kills two and injures 69


Two people have been killed and 69 injured after a 200-car pileup in snowy Canada.

The massive collision happened at 12.30pm on Wednesday on Highway 15 in La Prairie, Quebec.

Transport Minister François Bonnardel said snow and high winds at the time of the incident created white-out conditions and reduced visibility to zero.

“People were driving, there were strong winds … and, suddenly, you couldn’t see anything,’’ he said.

“And then, well, the pileup started.”

Two people were trapped in their cars hours after the crash and crews were still extracting people three hours later.

CBC News reported 15 people were taken to hospital, with nine people in a serious condition and 60 suffering from minor injuries.

About 150 people were taken by bus to a nearby community centre for treatment and to be picked up.

Vehicles involved included a school bus and a flammable tanker truck.

The pileup of vehicles stretched for about a kilometre.

“Pretty much everything with four wheels was involved,” said Sgt Marie-Michelle Moore with the Sûreté du Quebec.

Numerous vehicles were mangled, including several large trucks.

A driver who identified himself as Kyle told CTV News he got hit by a bus and smacked into the retaining wall.

“As I was driving along… all I saw was red lights, brake lights, cars just hitting each other, trying to swerve out of the way,” he said.

An investigation into what initially caused the crash is ongoing.

The road is expected to remain closed until Thursday morning.


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