Keanu Reeves has been dating artist girlfriend ‘for years’

Keanu Reeves has been dating girlfriend Alexandra Grant “for years”, according to her actress pal Jennifer Tilly.

The couple made its red carpet debut in November, prompting bloggers to suggest the actor had found love with the visual artist, but it seems the pair has been an item for a long time.

“I remember a couple years ago, about a year and a half ago, she (Alexandra) said, ‘Keanu Reeves is my boyfriend’, and I’m like, ‘Wait. What…?'” Tilly told Page Six. “She was so cool, I thought she was a lesbian.

“It’s really astonishing to me how, in the last five months, all of a sudden, she goes to an event with him and everybody goes insane, like, ‘It’s his new girlfriend’, because she had gone to a lot of events with him. It’s just suddenly surfaced that he’s been dating her for several years.”

And Tilly insisted they are perfect for one another.

“I saw him at her last art opening, and he’s not, like, wanting the spotlight, because he’s a really low-key guy, too, and I think why everybody went crazy is that they’re sort of the perfect couple,” the 61-year-old gushed. “I think everybody wishes that they had something like that. It’s not a razzle, dazzle Hollywood romance.”

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