Jude Law wants another baby

Jude Law thinks having another child would be “wonderful”. 

The ‘Young Pope’ actor – who has 23-year-old Rafferty, 19-year-old Iris, and 17-year-old Rudy with his first wife Sadie Frost, Sophia, 10, with Samantha Burke, and four-year-old Ada with Catherine Harding – is very happy with his wife Phillipa Coan and loves being a dad so thinks it would be great for them to have a child together.

Asked if he would like a sixth child, he told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: “Of course! Absolutely. I’m fortunate to be with someone where I’m having more fun than I’ve ever had in my life.

“We have an incredibly stable and healthy, wonderful family existence. 

“And that involves my kids who are young adults… and then the younger ones are just so much joy and so much fun.

“I love it, so absolutely, why not [have another]? I’m very lucky to be involved with someone I’m madly in love with. So the idea of having more children would be just wonderful.”

The 47-year-old star has lived out a lot of his personal life in public, including his high-profile past relationship with Sienna Miller, but insisted he’s actually a lot more “stable and boring” than people think.

Asked if he had to make a public confession, what would it be, he said: “The irony of that is I feel like I’ve had to wash my dirty laundry in public for the last 25 years. I don’t feel like there’s an awful lot [left]. There have been public declarations and announcements of who I am and the way I behave for the last 25 years – with much embellishment. 

“So, If I’m to confess anything, it’s that I’m probably a lot more stable and boring and level-headed than people think.”

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