Jameela Jamil slams online trolls

Jameela Jamil was at “a point of near death” because of trolling. 

The ‘Good Place’ star suffers a number of chronic health conditions but has regularly been accused of lying about them – with some saying she has Munchausen’s syndrome, which is a psychological disorder where a person pretends to be ill – and she admits all the negative comments and jibes have affected her mental health.


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In a lengthy post, she wrote: “Last week triggered me to a point of near death. I have a fragile past with suicide. If you live in pain and have to survive a lot, just to still be here, it’s agonising to have people tell you that you made it up. I would have preferred a happier, pain free life with more fun and experiences rather than just struggling through month to month. What happened to me was incredibly cruel and scary and it triggered a lot of people who live in the same situation as me. Our lives are hard enough without gaslighting and abuse and I’m glad at lease we know we have each other because all this s**t is out in the open.”

And the 33-year-old actress insists she is “tired” of the bullying.

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In the statement posted to social media, she added: “And we are done. I am tired of the bullying. The taunting over my mental health. I’m sorry to the people who have munchausen that your health was used as a punchline and a slur by people like Piers Morgan and other such powerful people online. I am so sorry to all the people who share their accounts of not being believed over their chronic health problems and invisible disabilities. I’ve experienced that my whole lie and it’s traumatising and isolating.”

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