Italian town Bisaccia selling houses for just $1.60


Another beautiful Italian town is selling houses for just €1 ($A1.60) each.

The only catch? You have to buy and live in it with a group of friends or family.

Bisaccia, located in the south of the Campania region two hours from Naples, is struggling to revive their local community.

The quiet town has suffered from several earthquakes, according to CNN Travel, cited as a reason for the population decline in recent years.

Many of the buildings are now run down, with broken windows and plant life growing throughout.

However, the region has put 90 buildings on the market.

It is hoped they will be renovated into communal living areas to encourage groups of people to live in the area.

The offer expects the buyer to commit to renovate their purchase, although there is no time frame or minimum spend expected.

Deputy Mayor Francesco Tartaglia hopes it will make families and friends move together instead of single buyers.

She told CNN: “We welcome families, groups of friends, relatives, people who know each other or investors to join forces.

“We encourage them to buy more than just one house to actually have an impact and breathe new life.”

She added the local authorities own the buildings, not former residents, meaning the transactions will be easy.

In recent months, many Italian villages and communes have resorted to selling cheap homes to encourage tourists to move to the area.

Mussomeli in southern Sicily was offering homes for just 85c, as long as the buyer renovates the house within a year, while the town of Sambuca was offering them for the same price as long as you spend £13,000 ($A24,800) doing it up.

Bivona in Sicily asked buyers to pay just a £2100 ($A4000) bond to get the 85c house.

Some parts of Italy were giving away places for free, with castles, monasteries and towers available as long as they were turned into commercial properties such as restaurants or hotels.

Cammarata in Sicily was offering free houses with amazing views on the condition you have a £4300 ($A8200) deposit.

An Italian village was offering to pay new locals £1700 ($A3240) with just £40-a-month ($A76-a-month) rent to move there.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission


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