Home Based Business Ideas For the Dog Lover

Are you an animal lover looking for a great way to incorporate your love of furry friends into a home based business? Then read on to discover how you can make money while helping animals. Animal businesses are a booming industry. Most households have pets; however, many people are too busy to take extra special care of their dog.

Why not do it for them with these four great home based business ideas? You can make a decent income all the while spending time with man’s best friend.

o Become a dog walker: Dog walking is a great home based business. Simply put out an advertisement or drop a pamphlet into neighborhood mailboxes. You’d be surprised how many people are in desperate need of a doggie walking service.

o Start a doggie day care: pet sitting is something that many people need but are simply not offered. Kennels can be expensive and are not exactly ideal for people who only need a dog sitter for a small amount of time. That’s where your home based business can come in.

o Offer a doggie health spa: These days, pampering your pet is extremely normal and not just in celebrity lala land. Offer grooming, cleaning and nail trimming treatments.

o Create doggie duds: Dogs big and small are often seen in sharp jackets and goofy sweaters. If you have a talent for sewing and knitting, start a business out of making fun and creative doggie outfits.

With these great home based business ideas, dogs and their owners all over your community will be grateful for your business and you will be reaping the rewards.

Source by Perry Webbing

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