Hidden surfer’s haven found at Marlo

Welcome to Don’t Delay Your Stay, news.com.au’s campaign to support communities hard hit by this summer’s devastating bushfires. Many of these regions rely on tourism so one of the best ways to help is to visit and spend time in some of the most beautiful parts of our great country.

At the mouth of the Snowy River lies Marlo, a coastal town with a relaxed vibe about 90 minutes drive from Bairnsdale.

With wild ocean beaches and the sheltered expanse of the Snowy River estuaries, the town is fishing-primed and boating-perfect.

The region boasts some of the most beautiful and unspoilt waterways and beaches in Victoria, including Snowy Inlet, where the Snowy River meets the sea.

Sheltered waters at Marlo’s estuary allow fishing all year round, and the crystal waters produce some of the best perch and bream in Australia.

Cape Conran, located a convenient 15 minute drive away, is the ultimate haven for surfers.

However, due to fire damage the camping and cabin facilities at the nearby Cape Conran Coastal Park are currently unavailable and the park is currently closed due to the impact.

Salmon Rocks is a 50 metre-long break where surfers will be sure to find a great wave.

West Cape Cabins Retreat offer cabins furnished with local timbers, looking out onto forest on one side and farmland the other. Here, cattle and kangaroos graze along with a couple of ostriches – or sit in the spa and watch the king parrots come in for a feed.

At nearby Marlo Caravan Park, proprietor Mark Hadfield said things are slowly picking up again, with this time of year usually the busiest for tourists.

“We weren’t in danger of Marlo itself burning but all the authorities said get out,” Mr Hadfield said. “It’s slowly coming back now.”

The town is abuzz with talk of honey from the Sweet Little Honey Shop, which, true to its name, is the sweetest – and arguably tiniest – farmgate, selling all things bee-produced.

If you prefer the land to the sea, the town is a haven for bushwalking, with the Snowy River Estuary Walk perfect for spotting birds and other inhabitants of Marlo’s backwaters and wetlands.

Watching the sun set over the Snowy River is one of life’s little joys and there is no better place to watch the sun go down over the water of Lake Corringle than from the deck of the Marlo Hotel, one of Australia’s best little hotels.

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