Hidden beach that’s better than Bali

NSW residents will soon be able to resume holidaying in their state, and this spot should be high on the list.

With bewitching turquoise waters, alluring beaches and incredible ancient geological rock formations, the coastal town of Narooma is worth the drive – five hours from Sydney and three from Canberra.

But there’s also the option of catching a plane to nearby Moruya Airport and making the remaining 42km trek south via hire car.

With bustling shops, fresh seafood and wondrous natural attractions, Narooma is a definite highlight of the south coast. It’s also the gateway to nearby Montague Island, a majestic wildlife wonderland, home to more than 90 species of birds and hundreds of fur seals.

Only 9km off the coast of Narooma, Montague Island is a must-see snorkelling spot where you can visit the underwater kelp forests, frolic with dolphins and swim with the seals.

The island is also a popular support for game fishing and whale watching cruises, but if you’d prefer to stay on land, you can admire the serene scenery with 360-degree views from the top of the Montague Island Lighthouse. If you’re not ready to say goodbye to Montague, you also have the option of staying at one of the island’s lighthouse keeper’s cottages!

But that’s not all Narooma has to offer. Visit the sparkling waters at the Wagonga Inlet where you can see the ancient Glasshouse Rocks that may be as much as 510 million years old, according to the Geological Society of Australia.

And of course, no trip to Narooma is complete without a picture of the iconic Australia Rock.

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