Health Benefits of Indium – How to Take Indium and Find the Best Natural Supplement


Indium is the seventh rarest of all minerals and is absent from all foods because it is not soluble in water and thus very poorly absorbed into the food chain.

Because of this absence of indium from the food chain, it was regarded by scientists as a non-essential mineral for health. But this thinking has changed in recent years, and how!

The Health Benefits of Indium

From being considered as a non-essential mineral (because of its total absence from the food chain) to one that can be helpful in the treatment of various diseases, Indium has taken a great leap indeed.

This is not because indium has suddenly gained ‘magical’ properties, but is because there is increased understanding and awareness of the benefits of indium for the human body.

So, here we try to give you an answer to, “What is indium used for?” by listing some of the health uses of indium.

1. Keeps you young: Your hypothalamus and pituitary gland release many hormones that are required for proper functioning of your body.

Scientists believe that with age, these glands produce lesser and lesser hormones, which is a direct cause for aging. Indium has shown to enhance the release of more than 30 hormones and keep your glands functioning as they did in your youth.

Thus, by taking an indium supplement, you can delay the aging process.

Apart from keeping you looking young, indium also benefits in other age related health concerns. Memory is improved by taking indium and so is your vitality.

As one of the hormones that indium helps to release is the growth hormone, your metabolism is also improved and there is decreased loss of bone density.

2. Indium for cancer: Many studies have shown indium to help in reducing cancerous growths and tumors. But these studies have all been conducted on mice and not on humans.

Having said that, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence that suggests the same benefits of indium on humans as is evident from the mice studies.

3. Relieves hot flushes: As indium boosts your hormone production, it is very helpful to women who suffer the very painful symptoms of hot flushes.

These symptoms can be kept in check by taking an indium supplement regularly.

4. Enhances mineral absorption: There are many essential minerals required by the human body for total health. In spite of taking such minerals, if they are not properly absorbed by your body, you will not feel the benefits of these minerals.

Indium has been proved to be highly effective in increasing the absorption of good minerals such as copper, manganese, zinc etc. Thus, by taking indium, you can benefit from all that these minerals have to offer you.

Taking Indium

1) Liquid Indium: In the liquid form, you need to take only one drop of indium every day. For best absorption of indium, you should take it as soon as you wake up in the morning and refrain from having anything else for the next 10 minutes.

People who are laid up should wait at least half an hour before eating or drinking anything.

2) Indium Tablets or Capsules: These should be taken on awakening in the morning with 6 ounces of water, after which you should not eat or drink anything for 10 minutes.

Choosing An Indium Supplement

The best form of an indium supplement is one where it is a part of a complete vitamin and mineral supplement. As indium helps in the absorption of other minerals; by taking it along with these minerals, you can get the most benefit of indium.

Buy only that indium product that has been made by a pharmaceutical GMP compliant maker, so as to ensure a quality product.

Do not buy an indium supplement that has harmful additives such as sand (silica), starch, and sugar. Most men and women opt for a natural multivitamin that not only contains indium, but also other vitamins, minerals and herbal nutrients.


Source by Henri K. Junttila