Frantic mayday call before engine explosion


A pilot’s frantic mayday call has captured the horrific moment this passenger flight’s engine burst into flames and sent debris raining down on a nearby suburb.

Flying from Denver, Colorado to Honolulu, United Airlines Flight 328 experienced an engine failure shortly after takeoff and forced the airline to make an emergency turnaround as chunks of metal began tearing off and landing on the streets below.

“We’ve experienced engine failure, need to turn. Mayday, mayday. United, uh, 28,” the pilot radioed soon after takeoff on Saturday from Denver International Airport, according to the air traffic control call.

“United 328, heavy mayday, mayday, aircraft, uh …” the pilot repeated before air traffic control came on and asked him to repeat his urgent call for help.

“United 328, heavy mayday, aircraft just experienced engine failure, need a turn immediately,” the pilot warned, soon getting permission to make a left turn ready for the emergency landing.

The call came as his engine was fully engulfed in flames above Colorado, as caught on shocking video that quickly went viral online.

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Miraculously, Flight 328 made a successful emergency landing at Denver International Airport, with no injuries recorded among the 231 passengers and 10 crew on board.

The plane landed safely back at the airport, with much of the debris falling into Commons Park and in the Northmoor and Red Leaf neighbourhoods of Broomfield, which is about 32km north of downtown Denver.

Tyler Thal, who lives in the area, told Associated Press that he was out walking with his family when he spotted a large commercial plane flying unusually low and took out his phone to film it.

“While I was looking at it, I saw an explosion and then the cloud of smoke and some debris falling from it,” he told the outlet in a phone interview.

“It was just like a speck in the sky, and as I’m watching that, I’m telling my family what I just saw and then we heard the explosion. The plane just kind of continued on, and we didn’t see it after that.”

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the incident and has asked Coloradans not to touch debris if they find pieces of the plane in their neighbourhoods.

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