Flight attendant reveals how to effectively clean hotel rooms

A flight attendant has revealed how you will need to clean your hotel room when travelling post-coronavirus.

While many hotels and resorts are looking into deeper cleans between guests, there are still ways to reduce the chance of picking up the virus.

The unnamed flight attendant, who goes by SkyQueen on her social media channels, shared the routine in a 15-minute video.

Wearing a face mask, she explained the process from start to finish before you can relax in the room.

The first thing to do is make sure you aren’t taking the virus into the room.

Sharing it from her own hotel room in Cleveland, Ohio, while travelling, the first thing to do is spray your shoes with disinfectant spray before putting them into a garment bag.

She also sprays it onto her bags and suitcases, as they came into contact with other people before the room.

“Take a wipe and go through the hotel room, wiping down everything people touch – the light switches, the locks, the handles – everything that comes into contact,” she says.

She added that “focusing on the bed area” was key as it is not only where guests are guaranteed to be but also where you put your phone and other items.

The flight attendant then used the wipes across the tables and end tables, and said disposable plastic cups should be used instead of the ceramic mugs.

“Definitely (clean) the phone and remote control as they are always gross,” she said.

Another trick she suggests is putting the remote controls into a plastic bag, as it lets you use the device without having to touch it with your bare hands, saying they are dirty “even without coronavirus”.

The disinfectant spray can also be used on the bed as well, spraying it over the top layer blankets and the pillows.

The bathroom especially should be wiped, with the taps, toilet flush and light switches needing to be scrubbed hard.

Other tips include using rubbing alcohol on your mobile phone, as well as having separate bags to put dirty clothes into, so they don’t infect the clean clothing.

Only after all that is done, she added, can guests finally relax in the room.

Hotel stays will be very different post-pandemic, with some tourism experts warning of timed breakfast and lunch slots, a cap on the number of beach visitors and shorter hotel stays when holiday-makers return to certain regions.

Another holiday favourite that we may see the end of is the famous “buffet”.

“Buffets you will see disappear, doors will be left open so people don’t touch handles, social distancing markers will be seen,” industry expert Malcolm Bell or Visit Cornwell in the UK said.

New rules being introduced at Spanish hotels include no knickers on the floor as well as being forced to wet wipe your luggage.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and has been republished with permission

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