Farts on planes could be trapped with My Shreddies Carbonana invention

Plane passengers could be spared the indignity of having to smell other travellers thanks to an innovative new product from the UK.

Underwear company My Shreddies has developed a “Carbonana” foam insert that be worn between the buttocks to trap wind before it escapes.

It’s the brainchild of kitchen designer Paul O’Leary, who was reportedly moved to come up with the design after his own “slightly uncomfortable experience” on a flight to New York.

The company website claims the Carbonana is an “innovative product” that can be used on the go.

“Designed with air travel in mind it offers you discreet protection when you need it most. The Carbonana can also be worn anywhere like the car, the office or public transport.

“Helping our customers avoid potential embarrassment clearing security scanners, the Carbonana can be placed in the hand luggage trays and worn once you’ve cleared security.

“The banana shape of the product is designed to sit between the buttocks and absorb gases before they escape your underwear,” the website states.

The $37 product is lined with activated carbon cloth, covered in a jersey fabric and is able to be washed and re-used.

Shreddies has a range of flatulence reducing products including underwear, jeans, pyjamas and cushions.

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