Diamond Princess passenger reviews food amid coronavirus quarantine

Despite being quarantined for days on the coast of Japan due to the coronavirus, one cheery Diamond Princess cruise passenger is making the best of his time.

Matthew Smith, who has been stranded on the cruise line with 2666 other passengers since Tuesday, has been entertaining the Twitterverse with real-time food reviews.

“Two dinner servings on the second night of #DiamondPrincess quarantine,” Mr Smith tweeted on Thursday along with a picture of pasta gratin, beef stew and mac and cheese, Fox News reported.

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Later that evening, he tweeted a picture of four mugs of coffee.

“Learned that the secret to getting coffee is to not latch your door after the breakfast and juice have been delivered,” Mr Smith wrote, “And managed to wrangle an extra cup today after not getting any yesterday.”

He followed up with a picture of breakfast from earlier that day – traditional bacon, eggs and sausage with sides of hash, croissants and a muffin. “A feast on our time (breakfast on Day 3) #DiamondPrincess,” he tweeted.

Mr Smith became a source of relief from an otherwise serious (and deadly) virus.

“Quarantine leads to new experiences, like Japanese yoghurt with aloe vera. Not bad at all, despite tasting a little like yoghurt mixed with suntan lotion. #DiamondPrincess,” he tweeted on Thursday evening.

On Friday, he shared that Diamond Princess stepped up its game with more elaborate meals.

“Don’t believe the honeymooners who would rather be in an American hospital,” he tweeted, referring to Milena Basso and her husband, Gaetano Cerullo, who pleaded for US President Donald Trump to intervene.

“You might have to drag me off the ship when the quarantine ends,” he added.

Things did take a turn, however, when Mr Smith tweeted out a note that read, “Please may we have more coffee?”

“This is the only plea for help I have on-board #DiamondPrincess Sorry/Not sorry,” he tweeted.

For the next two days, Mr Smith continued with his new-found career in food reviewing. But although he found fun in a potentially dangerous situation, not everyone thought he was humorous.

“I find your commentary insensitive and misleading. My parents are on the ship and do not share your seemingly charming experience,” tweeted Ashley Rhodes-Courter. “Ample praise to the crew and staff for all they are doing. We’re hopeful for as many survivors as possible. People are suffering on board and ashore.”

Mr Smith, however, didn’t back down. “I didn’t speak to your parents’ experience, only my own,” he replied. “I don’t care that you don’t like my truth, but it is true nonetheless.”

A British passenger also has provided updates from the ship. “Literally every hour, something is changing,” David Abel told Sky News.

“Passengers in the small inside cabins have no window, there is no daylight, and no fresh air,” he shared on Facebook, “But the captain has announced those passengers will be allowed access to open deck for exercise and fresh air.”

The Diamond Princess has 69 confirmed coronavirus cases as of Saturday, including at least seven Australians who are known to have contracted the virus.

This article originally appeared on Fox News and was reproduced with permission

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