Contiki launches leap year sale with 29% off on Europe, America tours

Youth travel company Contiki is giving us the best possible excuse to book an overseas trip with its leap year sale – but the deal is on for one day only.

On Saturday, February 29, the company will offer 29 per cent off 29 of its tours across Europe, the United States, Canada, Latin America, New Zealand, Asia and even Australia.

They include Thai island-hopping trips, journeys through Europe and even a visit to Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands.

The offerings include high-octane adventures, such as skydiving over the New Zealand lakeside town of Taupo and paragliding over the Austrian Alps.

But many of them also have a focus on responsible and sustainable travel as part of the Contiki Cares initiative, such as a volunteering project in the Amazon rainforest and visiting a turtle hospital in Townsville.

Others just sound like the most fun you could possibly have, such as the nine-day Ibiza and Beyond tour and the 24-day Grand Northern tour that includes stops in New York City, Boston, Quebec City, Montreal, Toronto, Chicago and other North American destinations.

Departure dates vary across the trips and you must be ready to hand over full payment by the end of March.

But all the trips include accommodation, some meals, included experiences, transport and an expert Contiki tour manager – so the only other thing you have to think about booking is flights.

These are the tours on sale, but visit the Contiki website for all the finer details.


Fiestas and Siestas: two countries, 12 days. Save from $1028

Adriatic Unearthed: seven countries, 15 days. Save from $1243

Spanish Spree: two countries, 14 days. Save from $1266

European Escapade: 12 countries, 23 days. Save from $1352

European Horizon: eight countries, 10 days. Save from $631

European Whirl: 10 countries, 18 days. Save from $1097

European Highlights: nine countries, 14 days. Save from $917

Europe in One Week: four countries, eight days. Save from $482

Scandinavia and Russia Plus: seven countries, 22 days. Save from $1477

Great Britain and Ireland: four countries, 16 days. Save from $1342

Ibiza and Beyond: one country, nine days. Save from $735

European Discovery: nine countries, 12 days. Save from $1090

European Magic: eight countries, nine days. Save from $813

European Vistas: 22 countries, 23 days. Save from $1732

Eastern Road: six countries, 13 days. Save from $974

London to Athens: seven countries, 17 days. Save from $1255


Bangkok to Singapore Adventure: three countries, 14 days. Save from $1160

Thai Island Hopper East: one country, nine days. Save from $427

Vietnam Experience: one country, 12 days. Save from $573


Outback Adventure: one country, eight days. Save from $553

Beaches and Reefs with Sailing: one country, 15 days. Save from $990

Big Tiki (start Queenstown): one country, 17 days. Save from $920

Kiwi Panorama (start Queenstown): one country, 14 days. Save from $778


Grand Southern: one country, 26 days. Save from $1761

Grand Northern: two countries, 24 days. Save from $1668

Northern Adventure: one country, 12 days. Save from $909


Hola Colombia: one country, 18 days. Save from $1089

Ecuador and the Galapagos: one country, 14 days. Save from $1064

Peru Panorama: one country, 11 days. Save from $705.

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