Cheia Vida Slim – New Weight Loss Program


Cheia Vida Slim is a new weight loss program, made up of three fat binders with sea minerals from distinctive brown seaweed. NeOpuntia and ID – alg are two vital ingredients of Cheia Vida Slim.

NeOpuntia is a cactus fiber, whereas ID – alg is an extract of brown seaweed. These two key ingredients of Cheia Vida Slim have the ability to help burn the body fat all through the day.

Actually, NeOpuntia is a vegetable fat binder obtained from cactus and it is 100% natural and has enough scientific evidence. Indeed, around 170 weight loss products across the globe make use of NeOpuntia.

ID – alg helps to energize the thyroid hormones and metabolism, and simultaneously due to its brown seaweed content filled with antioxidants, it helps your body to get rid of free radicals and it perks your immune system too.

The proprietors Dr. Charlie Rouse and Scotty Paulson of Alive Worldwide have devised Cheia Vida Slim. Cheia Vida Slim comes with a user manual and a CD to help you to devise your meals and teaches you the appropriate way to loose weight fast.

It brings in a simple instructional book, which tells you about low fat or low calorie diet that you need to consider and certain high calorie or high fat foods that you need to avoid, if you wish for fast weight loss.

Other Cheia Vida Slim Products:

Cheia Vida Slim also comes with its sister weight loss product Cheia Vida, which is a health drink created from exotic fruits obtained from the Brazilian Rain Forest. Green tea, Cha De Bugre, Yerba Mate, and Acai are collectively devised to produce Cheia Vida health drink.

Green tea is very useful to cleanse the body and transform fat energy by invigorating the metabolism. Cha De Burge is a small berry, which helps to control body weight. Yerba Mate provides energy, represses your appetite and strengthens your immune system. Acai is a kind of superfood.

Cheia Vida Slim not only helps you to lose weight fast, but it also helps to stay fit permanently. If you take Cheia Vida Slim in combination with Cheia Vida, then your overall health will also develop.

Several obese people experiencing the effects of Cheia Vida Slim state that, it greatly helps them to minimize the amount of food they consume. Cheia Vida Slim works by making it difficult for fat cells to expand. And, in the process stimulating their contraction, your body burns calories at a faster pace for longer duration all through the day.

Low Calorie Diets:

Low calorie diets are certainly the most elementary of all diet programs. Normally, low calorie diets are simple and succinct. The basis of such diets is, if you minimize the amount of calories you intake everyday and maintain the similar level of activity constantly, you will certainly lose weight fast.

An ideal low-calorie diet contains 1,000 to 1, 8000 calories, intake it on a daily basis. Yellow pepper soup, mixed greens with tomato-ginger dressing, and curb cakes are certain low calorie diet recipes.

Cheia Vida Slim works more efficiently with good low calorie diets.


Source by Gary Kidd