Can Ready Made Meals Encourage Weight Loss? Plus Does Water Encourage Weight Loss

Keeping to a low calorie dietary plan can definitely help you to lose those excess lbs and experience the end results of extra fat loss – yet how do they work? Studies There has been little research to date into dietary programmes that give ready made calorie controlled meals, however two new trials have helped health officials to get a better picture.

Study 1: conducted on a group of 130 obese women for 1 year, each was provided with 2 calorie controlled replacement meals and drinks every day for the first 3 months, before going down to just 1 meal a day from 3 months onwards. When taken alongside 1 hour’s daily work out they saw average fat losses of 12kg in a year.

Study 2: performed on a group of 442 overweight women with BMIs of between 25 and 40, during the course of this study they were tested to see which offered better results – re-packaged meals or advice from a dietitian… After 2 years it was found that those supplied with pre-packaged meal lost 3 times more body fat than those getting dietitian advice: calorie controlled meals (average fat losses 6-7kg), nutritional advice (average fat losses of 2kg). Are these trials reliable? Although both trials clearly show the benefits of receiving dietary aid, the 2nd trial is the more reliable of the 2 as officials were able to review replacement meals against nutritional recommendations.

However even with these statistics, these results should be considered carefully… Given these meals for 1-2 years for no cost at all, it is hard to decide if these statistics would have been as successful if people had had to invest in these meals independently or if they had got less help. What can I do? There is no overlooking the fact that modifying your diet, excluding saturated fats and exercising regularly can greatly boost your fat loss. However, if like so many dieters you are struggling to boost your diet, the assistance of a quality fat loss pill such as Proactol can help. Scientifically tested and found through 6 medical trials to: make up to 28% of your dietary fat indigestible, suppress your cravings, improve LDL cholesterol, double energy levels and cut calorie content by 150 calories per meal, when ingested as part of a balanced dietary plan Proactol can support you to help from bonus fat losses of 2lbs a week, 100% safely and organically.

Can Drinking More Help You Lose Excess Body Weight? With over 60% of your body consisting water by the time you become an adult, there is no denying that water plays a pivotal part in your natural development. Yet, can water affect your weight loss as well? Research seems to suggest so… As well as helping to flush harmful toxins out of your system and keep you hydrated, water can also aid natural fat loss. In a recent study it was revealed that drinking plenty of water can help to cut your appetite and remove false hunger signs that are commonly triggered as an outcome of dehydration. Simply ingest 1-2ounces of water before you eat, and this will leave you feeling satisfied and able to consume less.

But this is not all… According to Professor R. Clemens from the University of South California, drinking ice water can also aid fat loss. Over the course of his research he discovered that by swallowing 8 ounces (240gm) of ice water every day, your fat stores will be used to bring its water temperature up from 4°C to 37.5°C (body temperature), thus encouraging increased fat burn. And technically this should aid you to lose weight… For example to bring just 1gm of water to 10°C, your body will need to burn 1 calorie. That means to raise 240gm of ice water to 37.5°C; you will need to burn 8.04 calories. Water and fat loss To benefit from positive fat loss results from drinking water, experts suggest that you drink no less than 8 glasses of water every day.

However, for more beneficial results, your weight will also need to be reviewed. Just 1 ounce of water serves 2lbs of body weight, so if you weighed about 200lbs and wanted to boost your metabolic rate, you would need to ingest 100 ounces of water every day. If however, you do not want to rely on water alone to boost your fat loss, the assistance of a clinically tested tablet like Proactol can help. Clinically discovered during 6 clinical trials to: make up to 28% of your dietary fat too complex to be absorbed, curb your appetite, decrease LDL cholesterol and boost energy levels, Proactol has successfully helped thousands of slimmer’s to take control of their diet and lose a steady 4-8lbs a week this can happen for you you anloy have to give it a try.

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