Business Idea – The Embarrassing Dirty Truth? A Proven, Rarely Acted On Opportunity, Worth Money!


Imagine with me for minute, OK?

Business Idea – The Embarrassing Dirty Truth? A Proven, Rarely Acted On Opportunity is the best insurance for your business idea success! It's Saturday evening. You have friends coming over for a BBQ. You have worked really hard to make sure everything is just right. The next thing you know, a toilet is over-flowing! Outstanding among the liquid flow is solid waste. This stunning emergency is play over a million times a day, across the USA.

Who You Gonna Call?

What's the dirty little secret? If you have HALF a brain, you hire an outfit that specializes in hardcore drain and sewer clearing, NOT a plumber! Why? Because a plumber will stick you with an extraordinary bill! No, the "Rooter Specialist" will not work for peanuts, but they typically don't believe they are attorneys billing at $ 500 an hour!

What can you make doing this?

The LEAST expensive "Rooter Specialist" we have been able to find has a "minimum" of $ 87.50 and that's a crazy deal (although it only covers 30 minutes on the site). The bizarre truth? Most drains and sewer lines can be cleared in about 15 minutes! And the last 3 times we needed to call one of these guys? He was done in about 15 minutes!

What does it take?

It is important to buy a top quality piece of equipment for the big stuff, and it's going to cost you about $ 2,000. Buy it new – these units work hard! The money you spend will be worth it. It will result in easy gains in health and safety.

What about competition?

There seems to be an outstanding opportunity here. You can test it by running ads on Craigs List in your area, and see what sort of call volume you get. The information revealed will be well worth the effort.

Why does this work?

It is work which a lot of people will not do. When a customer needs you, they are not that concerned about the cost – they just want the problem to go away! Rooter Specialist are unsung, extraordinary heroes. This is a business idea where you'll have very little competition, and you'll make excellent money!

So what should you do next?


Source by Richard Linden