Australians told to reconsider non-essential overseas travel

Australians have been urged to reconsider any “non-essential” overseas travel, as the government ramps up its response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison advised all Aussies to reconsider any overseas travel they may have planned.

“We have also decided through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade that we now advise all Australians to reconsider your need to travel overseas at this time, regardless of your destination, age or health – if your travel is not essential, consider carefully whether now is the right time,” Mr Morrison told reporters this afternoon.

“So we are effectively putting in place what is called a level three travel advice for travel of Australians overseas.

“This is done to protect their health and to limit their exposure, given we have so many countries now that are affected by the coronavirus.”

Mr Morrison warned all citizens to “heed” this advice and undertake only essential overseas travel.

This advice comes as Mr Morrison announced all non-essential gatherings of more than 500 people should not go ahead from Monday.

“That, of course, doesn’t include schools. It doesn’t include university lectures. It doesn’t mean people getting on public transport or going to airports or things of that nature,” he told reporters.

More to come.

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