Australian surfer from Perth found dead in a Bali swimming pool, presumed drowned

An Australian surfer has been found dead in a swimming pool in Bali, presumed drowned.

The 31-year old Perth man, Rhodri Lloyd Thomas, had been living in a stylish Bali villa since 2016, and was found dead in its pool.

Mr Thomas’s tragic death occurred on April 9, in Bali’s trendy beach side area of Canggu.

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Mr Thomas had been staying with his girlfriend Sara Mearsheimer and friend Alexander Hogan.

Mr Hogan had been working in the living room on his laptop and told police he knew something was wrong when he could no longer hear his friend in the pool.

“Mr Hogan heard the victim swimming at 8am and about an hour later, he no longer heard the sound of water in the pool. He then checked the pool for his friend,” North Kuta’s chief detective, Androyuan Elin, told The Herald Sun.

As soon as Mr Hogan saw the motionless body in the water, he pulled Mr Thomas out of the pool and performed CPR.

“The witness conducted CPR by giving artificial breath and pressing on the victim’s chest. But the victim remained motionless,” Mr Elin said.

According to police, Mr Thomas’ girlfriend Sara Mearsheimer was in the kitchen when she saw Hogan performing CPR on her boyfriend’s lifeless body. She immediately collapsed into hysterics.

It remains a mystery as to how the skilled Aussie surfer drowned in a placid pool.

The family would not allow an autopsy to take place.

“From the results of the post mortem examination at Sanglah hospital (Bali’s main hospital), there was no sign of violence found on the victim’s body,” Mr Elin said.

“We cannot confirm the cause of death because the autopsy was not approved by the victim’s family.

“The body of the victim has been cremated and has been returned to Australia.”

Mr Thomas was well known in both Western Australia’s Margaret River and Bali as a regular surfer.

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