American Airlines flight grounded to forcefully remove passenger

An American Airlines flight was forced to make an emergency landing after a disruptive passenger “hit a flight attendant and took his clothes off”.

Passenger Crystina Poncher was on the flight when the “wasted” man was arrested, reports the Sun.

She wrote on Twitter: “We just had to land the plane in New Mexico to remove an unruly passenger.

“He was wasted, kicking the seats, hit a flight attendant. Took his pants off.”

“They just found an empty handle of Jack Daniels by his seat.”

Crystina added that the man was travelling with his girlfriend, who swore at passengers as they were led off the flight by authorities.

A video captured the moment the man was removed, as he continued to swear at passengers and spat at the person filming.

Social media users were left both stunned and confused.

One asked how he managed to sneak through a bottle of Jack Daniels, which Crystina replied with “that’s what everyone on the plane was wondering”.

Another woman on the flight replied, explaining how the girlfriend warned passengers “his mum would sue”.

While Crystina later made her flight to Chicago, she said “many people missed their connections”.

The reporter added: “I hope the guy that caused all this drama spends at least tonight in jail.”

An American Airlines spokesperson told Sun Online Travel: “On January 15, American Airlines flight 967 from Los Angeles to Chicago diverted to Albuquerque due to a disruptive passenger.

“The flight landed safely at 2:56pm MT and taxied to the gate.

“Law enforcement met the aircraft, and the flight re-departed at 3:58pm MT.”

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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